Question: Which city is best for Pakistani in Canada?

Where do Pakistani people live in Canada?

Toronto has the largest Pakistani-Canadian community in the country, with a majority living in the localities of Rexdale, East York particularly in Thorncliffe Park and also its western suburb Milton, Ontario.

Which city has the most job opportunities in Canada?

Top 10 Cities to Find Job Opportunities in Canada by 2020Brantford, Ontario. Unemployment rate: 3.6% Ottawa, Ontario. Unemployment rate: 4.4% Kelowna, British Columbia. Unemployment rate: 4.1% Quebec City, Quebec. Calgary, Alberta. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Abbotsford, British Columbia. Halifax, Nova Scotia.More items

Can I get PR if I buy property in Canada?

At this time, there is no immigration option attached to buying properties in Canada. Consequently, you may not immigrate to Canada by purchasing a residential, commercial or industrial property alone.

What jobs are in demand Canada?

The Most in Demand Jobs in CanadaWeb Developer. Web developers work at various organizations from small and medium-sized businesses to large corporations and government. Human Resources (HR) Managers. Electrical Engineer. Veterinarians (Vets) Human Resources and Recruitment Officers. Financial Advisor. Pharmacist. Welder.More items

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