Question: What does wack mean?

What does wack mean in slang?

slang. : not up to the mark : lousy, lame while there are skilled moments, there are wack ones as well— Danyel Smith.

Is Wack a bad word?

extremely bad or inferior: The song is great, but the video is really wack. odd, irrational, or unconventional; wacky: Im afraid the neighbors think were wack!

Does Wack mean good or bad?

Initially it was a noun used to refer to a crazy or eccentric person – Hes a real wack – with wacko and whacko emerging as slangy offshoots. This was followed by adjectival wack meaning bad, unfashionable, stupid or of low quality, as in the anti-drugs slogan Crack is wack.

What does wack me mean?

1. To strike one very forcefully. He whacked me on the head for speaking out of turn.

Whats another word for wack?

What is another word for wack?wackjobweirdooddballwackoeccentricodditynutcharacternutcasenutter97 more rows

Can whack mean good?

Whack, or Wack? The answer is wack. The word meaning bad, messed up, stupid, boring, dumb, uninteresting, unenjoyable, or otherwise not good is spelled wack. The letter H is not involved.

How do you use the word wack?

wack in a sentencePublic Enemy must be wack, because they worked with Anthrax.Exactly what kind of wack year was it, you ask?Run-DMC must be wack, because they worked with Aerosmith.Dont mean to dis, but its wack.In hiphop vernacular, his rhymes are wack ( poorly executed ).More items

Is it whack or wack?

Whack is a noun and a verb that means a hit and to hit, respectively. Wack is a slang adjective that means unusual or bad.

Is lame a slang word?

Slang: Sometimes Disparaging and Offensive. awkward, dull, stupid, or uninteresting: The party was lame so we bailed early. Slang: Sometimes Disparaging and Offensive. out of touch with modern fads or trends; unsophisticated.

Why do we say out of whack?

whack (v.) to strike sharply, 1719, probably of imitative origin. The noun is from 1737. The word in out of whack (1885) is perhaps the slang meaning share, just portion (1785), which may be from the notion of the blow that divides, or the rap of the auctioneers hammer.

Where does the term wack come from?

wack (n.) crazy person, 1938, back-formation from wacky. Adjective in slang sense of worthless, stupid, is attested from late 1990s.

What word can I use instead of lame?

What is another word for lame?implausibleunconvincingunpersuasivepoorweakflimsyinadequatefeeblepatheticunbelievable97 more rows

What are some lame words?

abysmal,atrocious,awful,bitchin[slang],brutal,damnable,deplorable,More items

Are out of whack meaning?

If something is out of whack, it is not working properly, often because its natural balance has been upset. [mainly US, informal] The ecosystem will be thrown out of whack.

Where does whack come from?

“Whack” as a verb first appeared in the early 18th century meaning “to beat or strike sharply and vigorously,” and was probably formed in imitation of the sound such a blow would make. As a noun, “whack” started out meaning just such a blow, but soon developed a range of secondary meanings.

How does your body feel out of whack?

When someone claims they are “out of whack”, they are usually referring to somewhere in the vicinity of their trunk region; commonly the spine, ribs or pelvis. Their chief complaint is often along the lines of “something popped out”, “something is out of place” or “it feels like it needs to be put back in”.

Whats another word for out of whack?

What is another word for out of whack?out of servicenot functioningjiggeredon the blinkwonkyon the fritzmalfunctioninginoperableout of kilterbusted117 more rows

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