Question: What do you call a guy instead of beautiful?

What do you call a man instead of beautiful?

beauteousattractive.bonny.comely.easy on the eyes.fine-looking.good-looking.gorgeous.handsome.More items

Can you refer to a guy as beautiful?

Beautiful also can be used to describe masculine beauty. A man can be as beautiful as a sunset or a waterfall. And this word is stronger than pretty or handsome.

How do you describe a handsome man?

Following is a list of strong adjectives that we use to describe handsome man. You can describe a hot guy using the adjectives like smoky, gallant, captivating, alluring, sensuous etc.

How do you make love to a guy over text?

Next, move on to the cute text. Put a smile on his face by sending him a cute little text about something youre doing and he is not there to share. Or send something sweet and funny to let him know youre thinking about him even when youre not together. Men like attention.

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