Question: Is it okay to call him first?

So for that reason, if you havent ever talked on the phone, its best to wait until he does it first. If he never does it, hes not worth your time. Note: Even though your first move should never be a phone call, a text or some flirting doesnt hurt.

How often should you call a guy in the beginning?

More like a general rule of thumb. Its completely ok to start a conversation anytime that feels right to you. Its also ok to initiate less often and more on the side of every 3-5 messages. The point is that no one person should be doing all the work.

How long should I wait to call him?

Laura, a friend of mine who just loves to give people relationship advice, says its simple: wait three days for him to call. If he doesnt call, you know that he will, at best, be more trouble than hes worth.

Why do I have to call him first?

Calling or sending a text message first is a clear signal that you like him. This will make him excited because now he knows theres something there if he plays his cards right. The only time you shouldnt text him is if youve already sent him a text he hasnt replied to yet.

Should I call him back or wait?

Its always good to find a reason to call back. After a first date, its always sweet to call the next day, thanking him for dinner/movies/the ride, whatever it is. If he doesnt pick up right away, leave a voicemail stating the reason behind your call.

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