Question: Why don t Pisces and Gemini get along?

If youre a Pisces, its likely youll struggle to get along with Gemini. Dreamy Pisces tends to skip over logic, which is what Gemini feeds on, substituting emotion and intuition for reason, Stardust says. Not being able to understand each others logic can lead to conflict.

Does Pisces and Gemini get along?

“Gemini and Pisces will be loving and supportive of each other in all aspects, but they speak a very different language sexually, emotionally, and intellectually, so this union wont be an easy one,” Duval says. “Pisces will feel undervalued and emotionally dissatisfied with Gemini.

Do Pisces and Gemini make a good couple?

Pisces and Gemini, water and air signs dont have many things in common, but they can make a good pair. Pisceans are highly imaginative, romantic and daydreamer. They are the artists of all zodiac signs who love to write poetry to express their thoughts and feelings.

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