Question: What is the Tagalog of fling?

Translation for word Fling in Tagalog is : paghahagis.

What fling means?

verb (used with object), flung [fluhng], fling·ing. to throw, cast, or hurl with force or violence: to fling a stone. to move (oneself) violently with impatience, contempt, or the like: She flung herself angrily from the room. to put suddenly or violently: to fling a suspect into jail.

What is the Tagalog word for jerk?

Filipino Translation. haltak. More Filipino words for jerk. haltak noun. sudden pull, pull, twitch.

What does jerker mean?

Definitions of jerker. someone who gives a strong sudden pull. synonyms: yanker. type of: puller. someone who applies force so as to cause motion toward herself or himself.

What is tear jerker?

: a story, song, play, film, or broadcast that moves or is intended to move its audience to tears.

What is a chicken jerker?

being or containing a spicy seasoning mixture flavored with allspice, used esp. in Jamaican cooking: jerk sauce. 3. by barbecuing or grilling: jerk chicken.

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