Question: Who are the dating agents on Celebs Go Dating?

Celebs Go Virtual Dating and Celebs Go Dating: The Mansion have since made their debut on E4. The original series is narrated by comedian Rob Beckett, with Paul Carrick Brunson and Anna Williamson as dating agents. Tom Read Wilson organises the clients for the original series.

What dating agency do Celebs Go Dating use?

Celebs Go DatingProduction companyLime PicturesDistributorAll3MediaReleaseOriginal networkE419 more rows

Are the Celebs Go Dating agents together?

All of the celebs - Chloe Ferry, Curtis Pritchard, Karim Zeroual, Kimberly Hart-Simpson, Sophie Hermann, Tom Zanetti, and Wayne Lineker - as well as dating agents Anna Williamson and Paul Bronson live together in the mansion.

How long is Celebs Go Dating the mansion?

Lets take a look Celebs Go Dating: The Mansion came to an emotional end at a commitment ceremony. Four weeks in the grand Surrey mansion saw the celebs and singles face a series of dramas, dilemmas and dates on the E4 show.

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