Question: Is it OK to sleep with your ex wife?

So sex with your ex sounds like a good way to still be sexually active, and with someone who is no-risk. No risk of unknown diseases, no risk of them falling in love too fast or making you commit to a relationship when you arent ready. Sex with your ex-wife is easy.

Is it common to sleep with your ex wife?

Some surveys say that as many as 44 percent of people have slept with their ex. There are many reasons why sleeping with your ex is not such a good idea. And there are many people who feel that sleeping with an ex is just fine. Look deep at what might be driving you back to your ex when the relationship has ended.

How do you forgive a toxic ex?

First: Embrace the suck, but dont get stuck there. Meditate. Acknowledge that forgiveness is not condoning. Write a letter you never intend to send. Or place a photograph of the person you want to forgive, or move past, somewhere youll see every day. You can even visualize the person at your dinner table. READ MORE:28 Sep 2017

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