Question: Where do celebrities hang out in Tampa?

Where do famous people go in Tampa?

Places to Spot Celebrities in Tampa During Super Bowl WeekSeminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa. 4.4 (29) The Tampa Riverwalk. 4.8 (7) Davis Islands. 5.0 (1) Columbia Restaurant. 4.4 (8) International Plaza and Bay Street. 4.6 (22) Berns Steak House. 4.5 (19) WTR Pool & Grill. 4.6 (18) American Social. 4.9 (8)Jan 25, 2021

What celebrities live in the Tampa Bay area?

Many celebrities make the Tampa Bay area their home. The great beaches, sunny weather and fantastic real estate options have attracted celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Hulk Hogan, Derek Jeter, Stephen King and is still home to famous coaches Jon Gruden and Tony Dungy.

What celebrities have homes in Clearwater?

Tom Cruise has been seen, and Lisa Marie Presley called Clearwater home for a time until she sold her waterfront home to current owner Kirstie Alley. John Travolta, when at his Ocala-area fly-in home, is said to fly down daily. Pianist Chick Corea lives in Clearwater.

What is the nicest part of Tampa?

9 Best Neighborhoods in Tampa | (2021) Where to Live in TampaDowntown Tampa – Best Amenities in Town.Palma Ceia – Safest Among Tampa Neighborhoods.Beach Park – An Affluent Neighborhood in Tampa.Hyde Park – Popular Community for Families.Westshore – Among Most Affordable Neighborhoods in Tampa.More items •Sep 25, 2019

Is Tom Cruise moving to Clearwater?

Tom Cruise is moving to Clearwater, Florida to live just blocks away from the Church of Scientology headquarters. The Mission: Impossible - Fallout star plans to call an elaborate penthouse, complete with a private swimming pool and garden, his new home. Cruises adopted son Connor also moved to Clearwater.

Are there bad areas in Tampa?

After extensive research, we have concluded that Downtown Tampa is the number one worst neighborhood of Tampa due to the high crime rate. Not to mention, the 1 in 7 chance of becoming the victim of a crime is rather high. Furthermore, it is followed by Historic and East Ybor.

What is the safest town in Florida to live?

The Top 10 Safest Cities in FloridaTequesta.Longboat Key.Key Biscayne.Sanibel.Weston.Indian Harbour Beach.North Palm Beach.Parkland.More items

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