Question: What is the standard size of a number plate?

Standard Oblong 520 x 111 mm Number Plates. Choose from a range of legally compliant flag options and regional identifiers. A low cost advertising medium to get your brand in front of road users and the wider general public.

What size is a UK Licence plate?

520 mm × 111 mm The industry standard size front number plate is 520 mm × 111 mm (20½ × 4⅜). Rear plates are either the same size, or 285 mm × 203 mm (approx 11x8) or 533 mm × 152 mm (approx 21x6).

What size is a standard square number plate?

11x8 The most common square number plate size for cars is the standard 11x8 plate usually seen on the rear of four wheel drives, caravans and trailers. We do offer more square plate sizes for cars, but be aware that many of them are only legal for foreign import vehicles whose plate recesses wont fit anything larger.

What are standard number plates?

The Australian state of New South Wales requires its residents to register their motor vehicles and display vehicle registration plates. Current regular issue plates are to the standard Australian dimensions of 372 mm (14.6 in) in length by 134 mm (5.3 in) in height, and use standard Australian serial dies.

What size is a standard rear number plate?

285mm x 203mm Standard 4x4 Rear 285mm x 203mm supplied with Standard front plate 524mm x 112mm.

Can I have my number plates shortened? Shortening your number plates is legal, as we still follow the DVLA standard for spacing on the plates. On either side of your number plate characters will be the correct measurement of spacing to make them legal.

What are the first 2 letters on a number plate?

The first section of a number plate is the local memory tag - the first two letters of the plate identifies where the vehicle was registered. The first letter stands for the local area, for example E denotes Essex, while L stands for London.

How do you read a number plate?

The current format of the registration index consists of 4 parts, They are:The first two letters indicate the State or Union Territory to which the vehicle is registered.The next two digit numbers are the sequential number of a district. The third part consists of one, two or three letters or no letters at all.More items

What number plate will it be in 2020?

The new “20” number plate designs will feature on all new cars registered after March 2020 and will ru up to August. After this date new vehicles will be given a “70” number plate design with a “21” plate set to launch in March 2021.

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