Question: Who owns Royal Albert China?

Is Royal Albert made by Wedgewood?

We are Royal Albert After all, weve been making fine bone china tea ware since 1904. Were all about adding our unique touch of cheeky feminine fun to all things quintessentially English to form our Giftware and Tableware collections.

Is Wedgewood China still made in England?

Wedgwood was bought by US private equity firm, KPS. If its not made in England its not Wedgwood. At least the brand survived and theres still a factory in the Potteries producing items with the famous Made in Staffordshire stamp.

How can you tell if lead is in China?

The only way to determine if certain crockery has lead is to test it. Home test kits can tell you if the dishes have leachable lead. These tests are most useful in detecting high levels of lead.

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