Question: How do you let go of a married man you love?

How do you walk away from a relationship with a married man?

Go to a friend you can trust and tell them about your situation. Let them know that you want to end things with the married man and ask for support. Be as honest as you can be. It might be difficult, and you may have never told anyone about this before, but now is the time to be honest.

What do you do if you love a married man?

If youre in love with a married man, youre probably experiencing a lot of conflicting emotions right now. And its made even more frustrating by the fact that you never set out to meet or fall in love with someone whos already married. Youve just found yourself in this situation, and now you dont know what to do.

How do you let go of a marriage when you still love them?

Heres what you can do:Tell your friends. Stop trying to hurt your spouse. Tell your spouse goodbye. Give up responsibility for your spouse. Give up your spouses responsibility for you. Set some goals. Clarify who you are without your spouse.

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