Question: When someone tags you on Facebook who sees it?

When someone tags you in a post, it will be visible to: The audience selected by the person who made the post. The audience you indicate in your Profile and Tagging settings. You can choose to automatically add your friends, select specific friends or not add anyone to the audience of the post youre tagged in.

What happens when someone tags me on Facebook?

When you tag someone, you create a link to their profile. This means that: The post you tag the person in may also be added to that persons timeline. For example, you can tag a photo to show whos in the photo or post a status update and say who youre with.

Can people see what other people tag you in on Facebook?

Facebook Help Team When you tag someone, that photo may be shared with the person tagged and their friends. This means that if you havent already included their friends in the audience, their friends may now be able to see it.

How do I hide my tagged photos on Facebook from certain friends?

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Why cant I see when someone tags me on Facebook?

Facebook Help Team You may have turned on your Timeline review, which means that the posts youve tagged will not appear in your Timeline right away, but will be reviewed first by you.

When you remove a tag on Facebook What happens?

When you remove a tag, keep in mind: That tag will no longer appear on the post or photo, but that post or photo is still visible to the audience its shared with. People may be able to view the post or photo in places like News Feed or search results.

Can you remove yourself from a tag on Facebook?

You can untag yourself on Facebook from posts and images using the Remove tag tool. To untag yourself, starting by clicking the three dots in the top right of the Facebook post youve been tagged in. The process for untagging yourself on Facebook is the same on the desktop site and mobile app.

How do I block people from seeing my tagged photos?

Section, then go to the Who Can See Posts Youve Been Tagged In On Your Timeline? option and click Edit. Click the Privacy button to display the list of options. Click Friends to limit your exposure to only people on your friends list or click Only Me to hide your name from everyone on Facebook.

Whats the difference between sharing and tagging on Facebook?

Tagging is the act of tying a user account to a piece of content on Facebook, whereas sharing is the act of placing content on a users Timeline to appear in that users friends Timelines.

Why am I not getting notified when someone mentions me on Facebook?

Facebook Help Team To adjust your Notifications setting: 1- Click at the top-right corner and select Settings. 2- Click Notifications on the left. You can adjust what types of Notifications to get on Facebook.

Why do I not see friends post on Facebook?

Dont worry. They havent un-friended you. The reason you cant see friends status on Facebook is because of an algorithm Facebook uses to cut down the noise on your profile. This algorithm looks at which friends youve had the most interactions with, and then only shows you posts from those people.

Why cant I see a post someone tagged me in?

If your friends are unable to view photos that you uploaded and in which you are tagged, the issue almost certainly is with your privacy settings. Place a check in the box next to Let friends of people tagged in my photos and posts see them to allow friends of friends to access photos uploaded by you.

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