Question: Where do they make the CTS guitar pots?

What are CTS guitar pots?

Emerson Pro Pots (CTS) Potentiometers are custom made by CTS to Emerson specifications. Emerson Pro Pots are low torque and feature a proprietary custom audio taper that ware designed to maximize response (think turning down your volume to 2 and its the same effect as turning down your amps volume knob).

Does Gibson use CTS pots?

CTS makes pots of many styles, different values, different tolerances, different tapers, etc. Of course your Epiphone pots are not CTS, and Gibson used CGE pots on their US models until they went under a few years ago, but current Gibson production uses CTS pots.

Where are Gibson pots made?

Verdict: Is Gibson Dinnerware Made in the USA? No, Gibson dinnerware is not made in the USA. They are made overseas in China, Thailand, Vietnam, and India. The brand you see on popular retailer websites called “Gibson Home” is actually just the product line name for the parent company, Gibson Overseas.

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