Question: Where can I go for a charity date?

Where are the date project dates from?

Jordan Valley The dates we sell are ethically sourced; they are the finest Medjool dates from the Jordan Valley inside Jordan, hand-selected and packed by a community of Syrian refugees who are employed in the process. Please note, none of the dates have been selected from Occupied Palestine/Israel.

How many dates are there in a date project?

Each Ramadan The Date Project sell thousands of medjoul dates nationwide in order to raise money for important causes around the globe including providing food in Syria, water solutions in Palestine and emergency aid in Yemen.

Where can I buy dates for Ramadan?

Al Manaar. Al Manaar are the largest Islamic superstore in the UK so getting a hold of some dates wont be a problem here! They supply just about every date under the sun including Palestinian medjool, awjwa, khudri, safwi, and sagai dates. You can also shop for other items you may need for Ramadan whilst youre there.

Do you have to pay to be in a sorority?

Being in a sorority isnt cheap. Women pay national and chapter dues, plus new member fees, which all vary by organization. Dues are around $400 for sororities per semester. But the university says living in one of the chapter houses is typically less expensive than living in dorms.

What are Ajwa dates?

Ajwa date is a celebrated assortment of dates, grown exclusively in Medina, Saudi Arabia. Ranging from a dark brown to almost black colour, these dates are delightfully soft and fruity with a prune-like taste and tend to be of a dry variety.

What do you get someone for Ramadan?

Some gifts for Ramadan Eid to consider include giving dates, clothing and jewelry, food, toys, or Islamic books.

Why are Ajwa dates so special?

Known as the Holy date, Ajwa dates hold a special place in Islamic tradition. Magnesium found in these dates helps in maintaining hearts rhythm. Bones and teeth – This variety of dates is rich in calcium and phosphorus which in turn help in keeping the bones and teeth in sound health.

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