Question: Who married Joey?

The show ends with Joey staying single and Phoebe gets married to Mike Hannigan (Paul Rudd). Most fans still seemed to be happy for the characters. But there are some who might still wonder why Joey and Phoebe never happened.

Who did Joey end up with?

Phoebe also sets up Joey with many of her friends. On a double date, Joey sets her up with a stranger, Mike (Paul Rudd), whom she eventually marries.

Who married who in friends?

Joey and Phoebe These two did not pair off together (or with any of the other titular friends) but they did both get their happily ever after, so to speak, a little earlier. In the final season, Phoebe got engaged and married to Mike Hannigan (Paul Rudd, looking the same as he does now).

Does Joey and Rachel get married?

Joey was the only one single at the end of Friends, and he later met a special someone in his spin-off series – but he didnt get married. Created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, Friends made its debut on NBC in 1994 and lived on for nine more seasons, coming to an end in 2004.

Does Ross marry Rachel in the end?

In the season 5 finale The One in Vegas, Ross and Rachel marry each other after getting drunk in Las Vegas. This marriage ends in a divorce after a failed application for an annulment; the two sadly admit that they thought if they ever married each other it would last.

How many children did Ross dance with?

He has two children. Rosss son, Ben[ Full Name: Ben Geller Willick Bunch ], was conceived while Ross and Carol were still married and born at the end of Season 1.

Was Rachel Green actually pregnant in Friends?

Yeah, she spent over a year pregnant. No wonder she was so done with it by the end. Reddit user ubeenbamboozled made the discovery earlier this week, stating that Rachel had been pregnant for a full year due to the dates alluded to in the show. Rachel knew she was pregnant a couple of days before the wedding.

What is wrong with Eddie in Friends?

Eddie was never seen again in the series. Based on Eddies behavior on Friends, many viewers believe he suffered from undiagnosed schizophrenia. Chandler assumed that Eddie was mentally ill, especially after his new roommate imagined that the duo once went on a trip to Las Vegas together.

Does Ross in Friends have autism?

Ross has autism. To be exact, Aspergers. Fans, including some on the autism spectrum, have said that Ross shows various characteristics associated with the syndrome. If you think about it, this theory isnt that far-fetched. Ross is quite smart.

What episode do Joey and Rachel sleep together?

The One After Joey and Rachel Kiss The One After Joey and Rachel Kiss is the first episode of Friends tenth season. It first aired on the NBC network in the United States on September 25, 2003.

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