Question: Why are INTJs so lonely?

INTJs definitely arent the cold people they seem to be, and so sometimes this can attract the wrong people and leave them feeling misunderstood rather easily. This feeling of not being understood or appreciated for who they are, is a major reason why the INTJ feels so lonely.

Why are INTJs hard to make friends?

Its no secret that INTJs have a hard time making friends. Most INTJs would rather spend their time acquiring knowledge than wasting time with irrational social rituals such as small talk, gift giving and reciprocity. This may cause other personality types to perceive them as cold, distant and standoffish.

Are INTJs loners?

People with this Myers-Briggs personality type have a reputation for being intelligent and aloof loners, but like many stereotypes, this isnt really all that accurate. Even though they are introverts, INTJs put a high value on friendships, and they can make wonderful friends.

Why are INTJs so independent?

INTJs are highly independent people, and so they need those around them to respect this. INTJs make decisions based on logic and facts, and they dont want anyone trying to sway them with emotional connection. They need time to make choices on their own terms without constant interference.

What INTJs hate the most?

Things an INTJ HatesIncompetent power-holders. Few things will make an INTJ angrier than a boss or authority figure that seems undeserving of their position. Constant social interaction. Dishonesty. Tears and feelings. Ignorance. When people dont use their knowledge. Rules and the status quo. Routine tasks.More items •21 Jun 2018

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